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I think it's time to move on to something else, other than Halo, I'll figure that out later. in the meantime, I 'll see what's up
brody be here,

(also apparently ZOMBIE WOLVES ARE A THING that has horrible naming talents lul[my boss is gonna kill me])

hey looking to put togeather a crew need a animator...

2016-10-22 23:59:20 by brodybehere

and a musician and quite possibly voice actors will say for sure after first epsiode, if it even goes that far.
posted in the forums or just leave a comment, I have a story prepped about the atlas moons siege and have done some research to make it more lore freindly, though I don't think it'll be around for a bit. more game of thrones then super soldier saves the world, so people will die but thats all for now. no spoilers now

new posts

2016-09-14 01:44:20 by brodybehere

sorry again but posted some sketches of stuff I liked drawing nothing too speical but I made due.


not to waste anyone's time I know, too late.

but I have been Dormant as HELL as of late.

the reason why is I focusing on more traditional art styles as apposed to my usual and terible Gimp process. but with out a scanner I really can't post huge things I would have to photograph them so if anyones's wondering thats where I am HOWEVER I will start posting little things soon...


P.S. the lower case 'a' was intentional just testing a new look.

P.P.S. also working on a comic blog so I can throw up ideas to see whats good for you, I'll keep you in the loop.

thanks again.

the blog is gone

2016-07-06 03:17:19 by brodybehere

no real contact so I am shuting down the blog effectively now I am sorry but the was no point I was doing nothing I am sorry but until I am better t this sorta thing I will be only posting here,

again sorry,


so I will draw my favorite of the ideas, however I have slacked more than a little in the last week so it may be a minute before its done

peanut gallery welcome

2016-05-30 22:52:20 by brodybehere

soo updated my site with a question: whats wrong with my site?

so click HERE

let me know please.


(P.S.)Also did a story annoucement before my laptop crashed and I landed with mom's old computer.

thinking about it's future...what do YOU think?


2016-05-26 14:02:33 by brodybehere

sorry but NOBODY came to ask me for free art. so now the time has past you had your chance.

though did update my site with pricing and such



2016-05-14 01:00:54 by brodybehere

specifically @

sorry but I need some practice, READ THE RULES plz


no I do not make sence or change why do you ask?

the good the bad and the meh

2015-11-07 19:03:08 by brodybehere

So the good is I have the computer fixed sort of, it over heats to the point of shutting down from time to time so I am avoiding doing any stressful things(to the computer[which is the bad]) but am going ton try to start back up shadows though from a different starting point. mainly because of that I have to start over. I'll try to stay in contact. (which is the meh )


signing off